Two Months In And Thriving

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Favorite 0By Hannah Goodwin ~ After two full months I feel I can properly and efficiently tell you all about my new job. Well, at least I can tell you how I came to get this job as that is a pretty good story, if I do say so myself. Now, I am sure you all have been hanging on to the edge of your seats since my last post, which was all about my […]


It Just Takes A Little Time (Management)

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Favorite 0By Stephanie Harbison ~ Anyone who knows me probably knows I’m a little neurotic when it comes to time management, and almost everything goes on the calendar. I’m a pretty organized person by nature, so I always have to-do lists and carry around a cute planner. But it wasn’t until I started my career at Northwestern Mutual that I started to take time management really seriously. In fact, everyone around here takes it really […]


Surrounding Ourselves With Thrivers

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Favorite 0 by Maria Katrien Heslin ~ We clearly live in troubling, volatile times, where stress, depression and anger are ubiquitous; personal safety is precarious; incivility is commonplace; bitterness is booming; and uncertainty and unhappiness are rampant. For many, it’s easy to get caught up in this whirlwind of negativity. We see it all over social media, in the news, and we may hear it and feel it from our friends, family and coworkers. Some […]


Goodbye, LA!

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Favorite 0After two months of writing, reporting, and ceaseless movie and TV discussions, I’m officially done with my IndieWire internship. I’m incredibly sad to leave the friends I made there behind, but hopefully I’ll find myself back there at some point in my career (sooner versus later, please!). I ended up with 65 published bylines on the site, with a few more pieces scheduled for publication as the year goes on. I covered and/or attended […]


The Motivation to Move

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Favorite 0By motivation to move, I’m not talking about moving to another place of residence. I’m talking about move as in moving your body! As in physical activity. Or, for those of you so inclined, exercise. Last week, Maria and I had a stimulating discussion about moving and not moving. What is the secret to being motivated to be physically active on a regular basis? Do you have the answer? If so, I’d like to […]


Embracing My Ruby Slipper Syndrome

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Favorite 0When I was in second grade I made my acting debut as a munchkin in the Wizard of Oz. I used to watch the movie all of the time when I younger. I especially loved the end when Judy Garland’s Dorothy finally made it home and realized she had been having lucid dreams. As the years went by and my focus shifted away from musical theater and onto school, the Wizard of Oz drifted […]


The Importance of Craft Time at Work

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Favorite 0I love crafting and DIY projects. I have a whole board on Pinterest devoted to projects I want to try. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not one of those people that is amazing at crafting. Honestly, I suck at it. Normally, I get bored and stop the project halfway through, only to have my boyfriend take over. Which is totally okay, because it ends up looking better than if I had finished the project […]


Halliwell in Hollywood: Bylines + Beach Volleyball = Bliss

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Favorite 0When I wrote this, it was July 4th weekend, which meant I have only three weeks left in my internship at IndieWire. And now only two!! How is that possible? Time here has flown by, mostly in part to really loving my work and the people I work with. I started my second month here with a slight change in routine, as IndieWire hired a new TV editor and therefore ran out of room […]


A Doctoral Candidate Meeting

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Favorite 0So today I had a meeting with the chairperson of my dissertation committee. This person has guided me for the past 2½ years, and boy, am I glad. When pursuing a doctorate, I’ve learned that your chairperson (aka your advisor) is key. It’s really important to select someone with whom you get along, someone knowledgeable and experienced, someone with a little pull in the department, and someone who is willing to spend a lot […]


How To Keep Learning When No One Is There To Fail You

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Favorite 0Learning is important. It’s why we spend 12 or more years of our lives in classrooms. It’s why we go into debt to get that college degree. It’s why we re-enter debt to get another degree, and so on and so forth. Since school got out, ahem, I mean since I um, graduated (it’s still weird saying that), I have found myself having the same conversation over and over with a few of my […]