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Kelly Bush
A New York transplant, today I am living a life I never imagined when I was graduating from Indiana University in 2003.

Originally from Columbus, Indiana, I knew I wouldn’t be staying in the state after finishing my undergraduate education. My junior year study abroad in London had opened my eyes to how much city life appealed to me. I absolutely fell in love with it.

And so in the fall of 2003 it started — a year in Ann Arbor, almost 10 years in Chicago, a year in the Kansas City metro area … AND now almost two years in New York. I had never considered myself adventurous and I didn’t realize that I can adapt well to major changes so none of this was on my radar. But I found – as so many do – that over the years I came to know better my own capabilities and to recognize those things for which I was willing to take on challenges.

In addition to geographic changes, there were also educational achievements I had never dreamt possible. I thought I might go to law school since my B.A. was in Political Science, but that was mostly the product of off-the-cuff advice from well-meaning people and reflected my own naïve definition of success. I was still learning.

M.A. Graduation at Christie's Ed in 2015
M.A. Graduation at Christie’s Ed in 2015

My graduate-level education started with a graduate certificate in my then-profession. This was mostly practical – I was paid more and able to work at better firms with this qualification. To be honest, it wasn’t very challenging, as I had already been working in the field for a few years. But the experience whet my appetite for learning. Again, I found myself attracted to something that I hadn’t really been sure about before.

I went on to earn an M.A. in Liberal Studies with a focus on History from Northwestern University in 2011 and the M.A. in Modern Art and Its Markets from Christie’s Education in 2015 that brought me to New York. I think I am finished with graduate schooling at this point but I dream about pursuing a Ph.D. in another phase of my evolution.

What I will never be finished with is taking opportunities to try new things – especially when they aren’t the obvious path to ‘success’ and don’t constitute a linear career path!

what makes me thrive …

Playing with the art ...
Playing with the art …

Today I work in a contemporary art gallery in New York. I have the privilege of looking, appreciating, thinking on and expanding ideas about a subject that utterly fascinates me. I went from a 10-year career in a field that bored me to tears to experiencing the pleasure that is being intellectually challenged every day and having deep consideration and contemplation be rewarded. I am a thinker — and one who considers history, historicity, aesthetics, process, context and beauty for a living. This is how I thrive.