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My name is Hannah Goodwin and as of May 2016 I became a college graduate. It is still slightly unbelievable that after 18 years of going to school, I am finished! I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism with a specialization in public relations and advertising from Indiana University.

How did I decide to major in journalism? While I was growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio, my parents and two older sisters always referred to me as the news lady of the family. I would find out what my parents got my sister for her birthday, swearing I could keep the secret, and then immediately running off to tell her. The particular instance I remember was informing my sister that she was getting the Jessica Simpson Christmas album that she had asked for.

After being referred to as a news lady for so long I originally thought that broadcast journalism was for me, but while touring the University of Tennessee on a college visit, they gave me the opportunity to sit down in front of a monitor and see and hear myself. In that moment I decided I was far too pale for television and should find a different path within journalism.

From there, I realized that my passion, interests and talent fell within the public relations and advertising side. I will be the first to admit that my PR skills are stronger than my advertising skills, mainly because I am not always good at being creative in 7 words or less (us PR folk tend to be talkers). One of my favorite aspects of public relations is that your job essentially revolves around making your client be the best that they can be. So in turn, if your client is successful with some help from you, then you have achieved success as well.

Junior year of college was when I decided that PR was definitely the path for me. The summer after junior year I knew that I not only needed but also wanted an internship to build my resume and to help ensure that I was going into a field that I could see myself working for the next however many years. I wound up driving my car all the way to Austin, Texas and working two internships all summer long. One internship was with a lifestyle PR company and the other was with a media promotions company. I am going to leave out the details of finding these internships for now as I plan to write an article about it in the near future. Feel the intrigue; maybe it will draw you back to read about it.

My last semester of college, I needed to take only 9 credit hours in order to graduate, and after planning my three classes into two days of the week, I knew that I could not sit around the other five days of the week. That is what led me to find an internship in Indianapolis with a small PR firm that provided me with even more real-world experience and further instilled in me that I definitely wanted my next job to incorporate public relations.

All of my internships and hard work have paid off and I am happy to say that I am officially employed! In the middle of July 2016 I will begin working as Communications Manager for 2 of the 6 agencies, Office of Community and Rural Affairs and the Indiana Office of Defense Development, that fall under Indiana’s lieutenant governor. I will be working in downtown Indianapolis and I am extremely excited to thrive in this new position and see what all it has to offer!

what makes me thrive …

In thinking of what makes me thrive, I immediately thought most of the characteristics I look for from a job. I need to be able to collaborate. It is extremely important to me to work with people who have the same end goal that I do whether that is to get a good grade, impress the boss with a project well done or just want to work in a conducive work environment.

I need to be able to by myself. In order to thrive I need to be somewhere I feel comfortable with the people I work with as well as with the work I am doing. I also want to feel comfortable enough to make the occasional cheesy pun or tell a story using my facial expressions and hand motions that add so much more to my stories. Being myself also includes being able to speak up, speak my mind and propose new ideas. I think that both myself, my employer, colleagues, etc. can and will thrive from me feeling comfortable.

I need there to be opportunity to grow. That growing can come from a myriad of things whether is be growing my knowledge of social media marketing or being able to grow position wise within a company/ organization.

Outside of work the things that contribute to my thriving existence revolve greatly around family. My oldest sister has already given me two nieces, Violet and Emmeline, and has made me one of Emme’s godparents. Having my immediate family in Indiana, Texas and California, traveling to see each other plays a big role in my life as well. Close seconds that help me to thrive include being an avid Green Bay Packers fan and eating Chipotle at least twice a week.

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