What They Don’t Tell You About Life After College

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Favorite 0~ by Olivia Humphreys “College will be the best years of your life!” It’s a common phrase anyone who has spent one day in college has heard before. As graduation and the threat of becoming a true adult stares you in the face, you begin to worry that this statement is true. The days of sleeping in, taking random naps in the middle of the day and spending afternoons celebrating Thirsty Thursday are quickly […]


Mission 101: Satisfy As Many Passions As You Can …

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Favorite 1  ~ by Maria Katrien Heslin As a career coach and teacher of two career-related courses at Indiana University, I spend a lot of time helping people explore some of life’s biggies: What matters most to you in life? What do you do well that you really enjoy doing? How can your strengths translate into meaningful work? What big issue do you ache to solve? If money were no object, how would you spend […]


Think Anonymous

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Favorite 0~ by Olivia Humphreys Think Anonymous: How Using an Anonymous Social Media App Can Help You Reach Teens and Young Adults In order to be successful in PR, you have to go where your target audience is. Lately, my target market has led me to publicize on a place I never expected: an anonymous social media app called Jodel. Marketing to teens and young adults is hard. They’re the trendsetters and move from one […]


Cheers To The Side Hustle!

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Favorite 1~ by Stephanie Harbison ~ I can’t believe it’s already mid-February, and more so that it is 2017! I had a nice reminder that my 15-year high school reunion is coming up this summer, which makes me think back to the days when I was singing along to N’Sync as I cruised around town in my little red Nissan Maxima. Those were the days! Actually, it really makes me think of how different my […]


A Crack In Everything …

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Favorite 10by Mary Yoke ~ I’ve decided to write about something this time that is rather personal: the physical challenges I’ve faced in my life and my struggles to overcome them. I don’t know if anyone reading this has endured similar difficulties. If so, perhaps my words will help. I consider myself to be a thriver, even though I’ve had a great number of physical issues. It always has seemed to me I’ve had an […]


The Case For Gratitude

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Favorite 2~ by Kelly Bush ~ Please, sir, I want some more… some more please and thank you, that is. If there is a buzzword as we transition from 2016 into 2017, I think the case can be made that it is gratitude. For the past few years, discussions about gratitude have infiltrated popular culture. Even the packaging on products such as tea and chocolates exhort us to take a moment and focus on gratitude. […]


Don’t Let The Big Dogs Scare You

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Favorite 1by Olivia Humphreys ~ A Tale about Communication, Adoption and The NFL My boyfriend and I recently adopted the world’s sweetest dog, Flora, from the Clay County Humane Society. According to the shelter, she is a lab/terrier mix, almost two years old, and was brought in as a stray by the police. Now that we’ve had Flora for a few months, we know what she likes and what she doesn’t like. What she likes: […]


Thriving In Simplicity

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Favorite 0by Stephanie Harbison ~ What would life look like if things in life were less complicated? Would people be happier, less stressed, or feel more empowered to make big decisions? Would we be healthier, have better relationships, and perhaps even be more successful? About two years ago I had to ask myself that question. “What IF my life didn’t feel so complicated?” At the time I was dealing with a recurring illness that was […]


My Third Act

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Favorite 1by Mary Yoke ~ It’s hard not to ponder the strange path my life has taken. Both personally and professionally, I’ve had so many unexpected twists and turns. Career-wise, I’ve definitely had what can be divided into at least three acts — something I would have never imagined in my 20s, 40s or even in my 50s. And who knows? Maybe there are more acts to come. Life, for me, has been so unpredictable. […]


I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends … I Thrive With A Little Help From My Friends …

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Favorite 0by Kelly Bush ~ In 1967 The Beatles sang about friends who tell you when you sing out of tune, stick by you even when you’re off-key and who will continue to listen to your song despite the dubious quality of your performance. It’s a cheery, happy ditty with a contagious tune but it’s also sage advice. We thrive with a little help from our friends — not just in life — but also […]